About me

As with most writers my experience began at university, reviewing live shows and obscure EPs for whatever music zine happened to be popular at the time. Which is a lot of fun in the Almost Famous sense, wrenching my shoes from the beer-and-cigarette-ash-adhesive floor of one dive and rolling straight into another, before getting home at 3am and writing up an article from a whisky-soaked notebook, but less than inspiring in the sense that most of the music wasn’t really very good. At all.

Undeterred, I switched whisky and the relatively quality-control-free world of unsigned music for copious amounts of coffee and my first love, video games. I worked for a number of outlets, reviews were written, news articles were posted and a lot of really cool things happened (including covering some really big releases like Mario Kard Wii). I grabbed my pipe and slippers to settle down in this comfy little niche until retirement, but that’s not really my style. Inspired by some day-job events (writing reports, manuals and whitepapers in my other life as an IT consultant specialising in virtualisation, information security and data centre server/network infrastructure) I found myself writing technology and computing features for some big players in the print world.

So that’s the story so far – freelance writer and journalist covering technology, computing and a whole load of video games (and a little music). The future? I’m going to keep doing all those things, and keep moving forwards into new and exciting things. More magazine work, some newspapers perhaps. Books may be on the cards. I’ll probably branch out into some different areas, cover some new subject matter. Who knows, I might even write about music again! Maybe one day, when the scars have healed…